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  6. does a 3 yr old boy in potty training takes poop out of his pants and smears it on the wall means sexual abuse
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  8. how do i calmly tell my man's mother to stay in her fuggin lane. i am ready to go to jail!!!?
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  14. My 8-month old baby uses my dildo for a binky, but I always thought that binky's were bad for baby's teeth
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  20. is this true because i dont know?
  21. does anyone remember being given paragoric as a child?
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  23. I need to know about infant pain relievers?
  24. I fell in love with a guy friend..guys pls help..teething problems!?
  25. I need to know how to get a teething ten month olr to sleep. any secrets this new mother should know? HELP PLZ
  26. my 4 mth old is teething there 2 at the bottom she is fine now but she keep biting her lip is she in pain?
  27. my 10 month old son is teething. what is the best to help him?
  28. help with a teething baby? teething rings and chewing on stuff not helping, nor is infant tylenol.?
  29. How can I can calm down my sister?
  30. my son is 3mth an he is teething wat can i use as home remedy's?
  31. baby teething?
  32. Any ideas for a teething baby?
  33. hi my best friend annie she lost all her teeth and they r grown back shes now 12 and shes teething
  34. my 3 month old baby is constantly fussy, she drulls alot.Isn't it too early to be teething?Any suggestions?
  35. i have a 6 month old whos teething and ive tried everything nothing seems to work any suggestions?