Cut lengthwise into strips ... 1 carrot
Cut into short narrow pieces ... 1 stalk celery

Roll up each carrot strip and fasten with wooden pick. Put some of the celery sticks on the picks with the carrot strips. Put pitted ripe olives and celery sticks on more wooden picks. Put pitted ripe olives on more wooden picks.

Arrange in a circle on a plate... celery leaves
Place on the leaves... 1 large orange

Poke wooden picks with relishes into the orange. If you wish, put Radish Roses (below) and Celery Curls (below) around the orange.

4 servings

Radish Roses:
Cut off root end from large radishes. Carefully cut thin "petals around radishes, cutting from root end almost to stem end. Place radishes in a bowl of ice and water to open the "petals".

Celery Curls:
Cut stalks of celery into short pieces. Carefully slit both ends of pieces into short narrow strips, cutting almost to the centers. Place celery in bowl of ice and water to curl ends.