1 3 ounces package cream cheese
1/4 pound feta cheese-crumbled
1 cup cottage cheese or 1 cup ricotta cheese
2 egg yolks
few gratings of nutmeg;
1 Tablespoon of chopped parsley

Combine all ingredients in blender or food processor till smooth.

1/2 stick butter
9 sheets phyllo dough

Melt butter, remove three sheets of phyllo from package(keep the rest covered with plastic).

Lay one sheet of dough on a slightly dampened cloth with the long side toward you. Brush it with butter in long sweeping strokes. The entire sheet
does not have to covered with butter. Lay the second sheet on top of the first and brush with butter. Repeat with the third sheet.

Spread a ribbon of 1/3 cheese mixture along the edge near you, leaving a margin of 1 1/2 inches along the edge and two sides. Fold the bottom up over
the cheese and turn in the two sides.

Using the dampened cloth as an aid, roll the phyllo dough loosley as a jelly roll. Repeat with rest of the phyllo and filling.

Place seam side down on an ungreased cookie sheet, spaced well apart. Bake at 375 degrees about 15 minutes until golden brown and flakey. Allow to
cool 10 minutes then cut into 2 inch pieces. Serve while slightly warm or at room temperature.

Best served warm, but can be made ahead and frozen.
About 24 appetizers