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  1. mother ghost
  2. I'm on a diet
  3. Midnight Special
  4. air conditioning
  5. Low -fat diets
  6. food fight
  7. Two steaks
  8. Love Making Tips For Seniors
  9. Top Ten Things A Santa Doesn't Want To Hear From Kids
  10. A week at the gym...
  11. Actual Bumper Stickers
  12. Beer
  13. out of the kids mouth
  14. For everything else there's Mastercard
  15. Married Woman's Night Out
  16. Puns For Educated Minds
  17. A Blonde's Take On Football
  18. Translated Signs From Other Countries
  19. No Fear
  20. The Old Lady And The Puzzle
  21. What one liners or dirty jokes can we tell him?
  22. What do you think about the persons who advise others not to crack jokes on others ?
  23. What are some jokes about the luger that died in the olympics?
  24. What are some funny jokes/stories to tell at a funeral service ?
  25. What are some good jokes for a comedy comic?
  26. How To's: Stopping Gossip