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  1. How much is stem cell treatment for autism?
  2. I know autism is typically shown as a child but can Autism also first show its signs in adulthood?
  3. Why do people believe Autism is related to immunizations?
  4. What is the half life of dental radiation?
  5. Is there a difference between autism and an autistic disorder in children or are they the same?
  6. How uncomfortable were your side effects from radiation therapy?
  7. Can mental illnesses such as autism and schizophrenia be passed on to children?
  8. Can a person have radiation therapy with a defibrilator installed in their heart?
  9. What would you like toIs autism a global issue, or is it only an issue in industrialized nations? ask?
  10. What is a good diet for someone undergoing radiation?
  11. What are some items I could put in a care basket for somone undergoing radiation treatment?
  12. What is the difference between mild to moderate mental retardation and autism?
  13. How much radiation do dental x rays usually have?
  14. Where can I find a good autism support group in California?
  15. Can a Radiation Therapy Technologist work overtime?
  16. Does anyone have a child with symptoms similar to those associated with autism, but it is something else?
  17. How is radiation treatment tolerated and given?
  18. Is there any information on the web dealing with radiation damage to the cervical spine?
  19. How can I get rid of Chickenpox scares?
  20. What career would I go into if I want to deal with autism to find different methods to help people with autism?
  21. how does radiation works when you have cancer? Do you get sick like you would with chemo?
  22. Is there a cream or medication that will alleviate or remove the scars from chickenpox?
  23. What's the difference between Broad Autism Phenotype and PDD-NOS?
  24. When is radiation therapy used to treat cancer and when is chemotherapy used?
  25. Is it possible to get shingles when you've just had the chickenpox vaccine, not the actual chickenpox?
  26. If the MMR vaccine has never contained mercury, why is it called the autism vaccine?
  27. Can you get shingles if you never had chickenpox?
  28. How can we protect our eyes from computer radiation?
  29. If I have been vaccinated but still catch the chickenpox, am I considered VERY contagious?
  30. Can insurance companies deny coverage for someone because they have a child with Autism?
  31. How to reverse radiation treatment effects?
  32. Is it dangerous to get chickenpox at 13?
  33. How much does radiation affect sperm count?
  34. Can an Antiepileptic medication cause malformation or autism in a 22 weeks pregnancy?
  35. Is it possible to have another chickenpox when you just recovered from it?
  36. Is it possible for a man to help conceive after radiation for cancer?
  37. What are the sign of a child getting or in autism?
  38. Can pets get infected by someone with chickenpox?
  39. How long does external radiation conditions, remain in the body?
  40. How to get rid of chickenpox scabs?
  41. What is the difference between aspergers and autism?
  42. Could my siblings and I be immune to chickenpox?
  43. What is the long term side effects of chemo and radiation therapy after total gastronomy surgery?
  44. What causes Autism or How is it diagnosed to young children?
  45. What is a really interesting fact about chickenpox?
  46. What time will the radiation of the Computer Can Penetrate and destroy our eyes?
  47. How do professionals determine whether a child's autism is mild, moderate or severe?
  48. I got chickenpox and I was wondering if i will be getting scars after the scabs fall off?
  49. What are the immediate effects of acute radiation exposure?
  50. Is there a way to see if you had chickenpox?
  51. how is it safe to give children with autism fish oil if it contains mercury?
  52. What did you use to wash and sooth your excoriated radiation burns?
  53. Where can i get Varicella (chickenpox) shots for free in houston?
  54. what is the medicine a child can take for autism?
  55. How does the doctor determine when you have had enough radiation?
  56. Can I eat anything if I have chickenpox in my throat?
  57. how do you protect your skin after you had Chickenpox rash?
  58. What kind of doctor specializes in autism?
  59. How do you get and how do you keep a license or certification if your a radiation oncologist?
  60. am I in a higher risk of being infected by chickenpox?
  61. Do children with autism have a bigger shaped head?
  62. What sort of effects would there be on a 3rd trimester fetus from dental radiation?
  63. Brother has chickenpox what am I going to do?
  64. how long can i live with tonsil cancer if chemo and radiation don't work?
  65. How can i raise more awareness on Autism in my school?
  66. Can you carry the chickenpox virus, even if your have already had them?
  67. Does exposing a 15 year old to approximately 400 mRems of radiation in a single hour do damage?
  68. What can I do while I have chickenpox to reduce the chance of scarring?
  69. Why do you think autism is more often diagnosed in the last decade?
  70. Is it dangerous to be around someone who just went through radiation for breast cancer?
  71. Can you get chickenpox by being with a person who has it?
  72. Where should our family move to get the best autism support and services?
  73. How long has the chickenpox vaccine been around?
  74. Whats the difference between radiation oncology and radiation therapy?
  75. How does autism affect everyday life?
  76. How can I determine if I'm immune to chickenpox?
  77. What are the health side effects of being exposed too ionizing radiation?
  78. How to stop itching from chickenpox and shingles?
  79. How is autism dealt with in other countries?
  80. How worried should I be about CT scan radiation?
  81. Can I spread chickenpox to co-workers if someone in my house has them ?
  82. What are the names of the 2 dr.'s who pulled their names off a report correlating autism and vaccines?
  83. Is it possible that the recent autism epidemic is a result of radiation poisoning caused by Chernobyl in 1986?
  84. My roommate had shingles a month ago and I've never had the chickenpox, how long should I stay away from hi?
  85. autism- if the increase is from diagnosis, should adult diagnosis be through the roof?
  86. How do I get my radiation levels tested? And do you think I'm at a risk for cancer?
  87. How long do I have to wait to get my second Varicella (chickenpox) vaccination?
  88. What does chickenpox look like in the early stage?
  89. How do you have to do to get a child with autism to listen?
  90. How do they make the radiation for cancer treatment?
  91. With dryscabs from chickenpox is it safe to be around others and including children?
  92. Is there a difference between radiation treatment and chemo?
  93. What is the relationship between the diagnosis and/or causes of autism and geographical location?
  94. What is the chance of an adult (over 20, never had it before) of getting chickenpox?
  95. What are the dangers of Cherenkov Radiation on the human body?
  96. What vaccinations arre asscociated with autism?
  97. 19 years old - would contracting chickenpox have complexities?
  98. Can a wireless router give off harmful radiation?
  99. is there anything I can do to improve the appearance of chickenpox scars?
  100. Is it possible to have Autism and not be diagnosed until adulthood?
  101. What the difference between Radiology Technologist and Radiation Therapist?
  102. How many people are affected by chickenpox each year?
  103. How long does it take for a child to be tested for autism?
  104. Can anybody tell me specifically what Chickenpox does to our body?
  105. Why is it that Radiation is supposed to cause Cancer but the cure is Radition?
  106. What is the difference between a shy person and a person with autism?
  107. Will Chickenpox become worse as I get older?
  108. Where can one get financial assistance for radiation in California?
  109. What is the difference between vitamins and minerals?
  110. Against the chickenpox Vaccination but traveling?
  111. What would you name a festival that would be raising money for autism?
  112. What vitamins and minerals work together?
  113. What vitamins does meat have that i should replace in my diet?
  114. Is it true that too much computer radiation can cause impotency?
  115. What vitamins and minerals are water soluble, and which ones are not?
  116. How long does it take chickenpox's to go away?
  117. What vitamins should a teenage girl be taking?
  118. What vitamins should a 27 year old female be taking?
  119. What will it take for insurance companies to recognize autism as a neurological condition?
  120. What are the best vitamins to help make your skin healthy from the inside out?
  121. I need to know if Radiation Treatment to my breast has caused me to have altered eyesight?
  122. what should i do for a boy who has chickenpox?
  123. What are the best vitamins in terms of how much the body absorbs?
  124. What are the necessary vitamins women should take everyday?
  125. What are vitamins good for your vision and the bags under your eyes?
  126. Is there any disability other than autism or aspergers with one symtom being lack of eye contact?
  127. What brand Vitamins would you recommend for someone who wants to start imroving their health?
  128. What do you think of the danger of radiation from x-rays?
  129. Having twins soon and I'm worried about chickenpox, can anyone help?
  130. When taking Vitamin supplements do you prefer to drink your vitamins or swallow a pill or capsule?
  131. What the best form of vitamin or vitamins is good for promoting healing/ recovery?
  132. What vitamins can replace frest fruits and vegetables?
  133. Is it ok to wear makeup so soon after having chickenpox?
  134. What vitamins are good to take for students who has a full day?
  135. How does radiation permanently damage cancer cells but not normal cells?
  136. How can I help children with Autism by contributing to the Forever Story?
  137. What vitamins and minerals can promote blood to circulation much quicker?
  138. How well do different brands of vitamins work?
  139. How to get rid of chickenpox scar?
  140. What vitamins should i take when i quit smoking?
  141. What vitamins/foods are vital to maintaining the health of your hair and scalp?
  142. What is the difference between radiation and chemotherapy?
  143. What was used in any successful autism diet? Can anyone give some suggestions of the foods that they used ?
  144. What vitamins and supplements should a teenage take?
  145. What vitamins would you recommend for a 16 year old?
  146. Can chickenpox cause very low blood pressure?
  147. How long do vitamins stay in our bodies?
  148. What vitamins and food/drinks can you take to increase energy and attention?
  149. How soon after radiation therapy can they do tests to see if it's working?
  150. What vitamins and minerals need to be increased during pregnancy?
  151. Is anyone finding good info on natural ways to help Autism in our children?
  152. What would help chickenpox go away faster?
  153. What are good digestion herbs and vitamins? Are there any good multi vitamins focused on digestion?
  154. What vitamins are best to take if you want clear skin?
  155. What are the best brand of vitamins that don't have filler and have the purest and largest amount in them?
  156. What is the procedure for radiation therapy?
  157. Why does my child need a chickenpox shot? Isn't it a mild disease?
  158. What vitamins and minerals do your eyes need to have good health and see clearly?
  159. Why do people blatantly ignore clear scientific data that autism and vaccines are unrelated?
  160. What kind of vitamins are good for a teenage girl to take?
  161. What kind of vitamins or foods would increase my energy levels?
  162. What vitamins and supplements can help you to combat fatigue and feel more energetic?
  163. How can i get rid of chickenpox fast?
  164. How close must you be to someone with radiated pellets implanted in their body to have radiation exposure?
  165. What is the best brand of vitamins to use?
  166. What vitamins should I take while on the veggie fruit and tuna diet?
  167. Where to find a description of the autism spectrum?
  168. Is it okay to drink vitamin water instead of taking normal vitamins?
  169. How can you tell someone if they have chickenpox?
  170. What are the best vitamins and herbal supplements for building muscles and physical strength?
  171. What is Ultraviolent Radiation similar to?
  172. How much faster will vitamins make my hair grow?
  173. What fruits and veggies are good for different vitamins?
  174. What's the difference between "Aspergers" and "high functioning autism"?
  175. How do people catch diseases like chickenpox from others if it is contracted through close contact...?
  176. What Vitamin pills could i take to recieve my healthy dose of vitamins i need?
  177. What are vitamins that an 18 year old girl should be taking?
  178. How long, on average, does one session of hip radiation last?
  179. What B vitamins are good to take to help relieve foot neuropathy?
  180. How do I know what vitamins my body needs?
  181. Will my skin scar if i scratch out a chickenpox scab?
  182. What kinds of vitamins should I be taking to prevent sickness?
  183. Are there any links between Rocephrin shots while pregnant and the baby having Autism?
  184. What sort of vitamins should a fifteen year old girl be taking ?
  185. Can radiation therapy in humans affect their pets?
  186. What are the vitamins or supplements that can make my metabolism normal?
  187. How was the Chickenpox treated during colonial times?
  188. How many different vitamins and Herbal supplements can I take at a time?
  189. What are some vitamins to increase my awareness and make me more alert?
  190. What's the difference between ADHD, Autism & Asperger's Syndrome?
  191. What are good vitamins to take while dieting?
  192. Can prostate cancer come back after taking radiation?
  193. How do i get rid of Chickenpox scars?
  194. What sorts of vitamins should a vegetarian take?
  195. What is the best combination of vitamins to keep healthy and fit ?
  196. What kind of vitamins should a 19 year old girl take?
  197. EU to set max vitamin/mineral dosages to indaquate RDA levels?
  198. I know someone who is very suicidal and has severe depression, can anyone help?
  199. Are people who are dirty mentally ill? (College paper)?
  200. Back-to-School with an Apple a Day?
  201. Is it possible to increase my lifting strength in 6-7 weeks?
  202. Best workout routines with no weights?
  203. I smell EVERYTHING before consumption, I am the only one who does this??
  204. Are you wondering about "NON" prescritpion contacts?
  205. What do you think of this information about Gardasil?
  206. Do you drink diet soda? Aspartame causes cancer in lab rats...will you continue to drink poison?
  207. My boyfriend sustained an injury at work today...?
  208. I sustained a horrible injury at work?
  209. For health professionals if you were to attend a presentation on food safety what would you want to learn?
  210. Why are Americans so naive about genetically modified foods?
  211. 'health' questions =)?
  212. Quick question about health?
  213. vitamin supplements for teens?
  214. Are High-Fructose corn syrup studies using accurate, truthful methods?
  215. How can i convince the jail house personel to get my mentally ill son seen at a mental hospital?
  216. Can you tell me what this says about an overeater?
  217. I am an emotional overeater how can i quit?
  218. Help, I'm turning into a stalker, I get obsessed over a lot of things?
  219. gluten free/dairy free/sugar free foods with protein? EMERGENCY?
  220. Can someone help me????
  221. Why is FDA making companies pasteurizing foods (fruits, nuts, etc.)?
  222. i need to correct the wrong in this paragraph???
  223. OMG, I have been eating aluminum!!?
  224. Does this diet sound good to you??
  225. Am I OCD? Germ Question.?
  226. Benadryl has dairy!?
  227. Currently I am setting up shop for the 2012 crisis in my basement...what else can I do to prepare?
  228. Is Breast Gain Plus Safe?
  229. How to stay same weight with less fat!?
  230. Compulsive Hoarding?
  231. I believe i have a mental illness, or is this normal teenage problems? please help?
  232. Medical cost - insurance - medicaid - unemployed and confused -?
  233. Are medical gloves a requirement in a health care facility?
  234. Is "alternative" medicine a scam?
  235. Insect Poison Indoors?
  236. Genetically Modified Crops are causing many diseases? Why isn't this being published?
  237. I want to become a Naturopath. Do I have what it takes?
  238. Is the H1N1 vaccine a way to reduce the population?
  239. Do You Think Government Regulation of Drugs is Protecting You?
  240. how do i stop a friend from being bulimic?
  241. Is it okay for my period to be acting like this?
  242. What should we do about someone who is Schizophrenic and a Sociopath at the same time?
  243. Please I want help to re-write this essay briefly ? just the important information?
  244. Whats it like living in an insane asylum, is it free, how are you treated, they forced you to leave, recreatio?
  245. ABSOLUTELY everything in this world is about money. Am I the only one who realizes this?
  246. [FYI] Salt First Thing In The Morning To Perk You Up If You Feel Down, Tired, Low Energy, Sluggish
  247. [General Question?] What qualifies a food to be labeled "Organic"?
  248. High fructose corn syrup good or bad for you?
  249. Which do you drink Bottled water, or Tap water?
  250. What are the best cooking methods for reducing oils?