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  1. When does fertility start to decrease?
  2. What is the difference between an ob/gyn and a fertility clinic?
  3. What are the best and worst days of fertility during the menstrual cycle?
  4. How long does it take for gonorrhea to effect fertility?
  5. What herbs and/or foods can a woman consume to maximize fertility?
  6. What books are there on fertility awareness?
  7. How do women determine their general fertility?
  8. Men: Is it possible for your fertility to be reduced if you use a computer on your lap?
  9. What is involved in donanting my eggs for fertility?
  10. How do I decrease my libido without decreasing fertility?
  11. How do you lower testosterone to boost your fertility?
  12. Where can i find information on the income of fertility doctors?
  13. How does a fertility clinic get your sperm sample when a man visits their office?
  14. How do I convince my husband to let me use the Fertility Awareness Method?
  15. How did the birth control Lunelle effect your fertility?
  16. what vitamin that can increase my fertility and my sperm count?
  17. What is the best over the counter fertility drug?
  18. What affect does Avastin have on male fertility?
  19. What happen if an undescended testis is not treated until the age 30 or above? Does it affect fertility?
  20. Are women having more fertility problems and why?
  21. How old do you have to be to go into a Fertility clinic in Canada BC?
  22. How do I increase my fertility without a prescription?
  23. Can taking the Pill irregularly affect fertility?
  24. Why are there regional differences in fertility and mortality rates?
  25. What is the proper name for a fertility specialist?
  26. Does anyone know if there is a health insurance that covers fertility?
  27. do one get pregnant during the fertility periods or ovulation?
  28. At what age would you say clinics should stop providing fertility treatment to women?
  29. Would the first response fertility test be able to tell me if my tubes have come untied?
  30. Can a vitamin d deficiency affect fertility?
  31. Can steroid shots effect a mans fertility?
  32. Can ignoring a lump in your testical make you loose fertility?
  33. Do fertility centers perform background checks on their female patients before treatment?
  34. Can a guy get his fertility checked before having kids?
  35. How can I protect my fertility?
  36. Need surgery to correct a fertility issue. How do I determine the cost associated with the surgery?
  37. Are there any home tests I can do to find out my fertility?
  38. Can taking birth control pills cause fertility problems?
  39. where do needles for acupuncture go for fertility treatments?
  40. is fertility the same on birth control as off birth control?
  41. At home fertility tests-When to take it after being on birth control?
  42. Can being on birth control for a while effect fertility in the long run?
  43. Can having too much sex at a young age cause fertility problems?
  44. As the contraceptive pill stops eggs being released, does this mean it can be used to extend fertility?
  45. Has anyone ever heard of Hydroxycut affecting fertility?
  46. can doing pressups damege fertility in a woman?
  47. How do cat scans affect my fertility?
  48. Does anyone use fertility monitors as a birth control method?
  49. Does a normal weight gain shake effect your sperm fertility?
  50. Can you test for fertility while on birth control pills?