Barley Casserole
Preheat over to 350F.
1 box Pearled Barley − uncooked
3 Tbsp. Oleo
1 − 15 oz. can mushrooms, pieces & stems or sliced − drain with
liquid going into a large measuring cup
1 small onion diced − or equivalent dried onion flakes
1 can Cream of Celery soup
1 Beef bouillion cube
2 Tblsp. dried Parsley Flakes
Salt & Pepper

Melt oleo and lightly brown uncooked barley in large frying pan.
Remove from heat.
Place bouillion cube in a cup and add just enough HOT water to
dissolve the cube − set aside.
To the browned barley − add all the ingredients above EXCEPT for
the mushroom liquid. This includes the dissolved bouillion cube as well.
Mix well. Pour into a greased, 2−1/2 to 3 qt. casserole dish.
Add water to the mushroom liquid to equal 4 cups. Add to the barley
mixture, stir gently, cover.
Bake: 90 minutes − stirring once halfway through
baking time.
During baking if becomes too dry, add a little water. End results
should be like cooked rice − moist but not dry or watery.