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    Zoot suit riot

    0.25 oz Apricot Brandy 0.25 oz Blackberry Schnapps 0.25 oz Cranberry Juice 0.25 oz Southern Comfort Mix all over ice. Put in shot glass and shoot.
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    0.25 gr Beer 0.25 gr Vodka Pour half a glass (0.5 liter) of vodka and add quarter liter of beer. Get ready for a very high level of being drunk.
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    The siamese midget

    0.25 Coconut Cream 2.0 cubes Ice 0.25 Rum 0.25 Vodka 0.25 Maraschino Put rum and maraschino first blend together. Mix in Vodka and Ice then splash the Coconut cream last don't Mix.
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    0.25 oz Gin 0.25 oz Rum 0.25 oz Tequila 0.25 oz Triple Sec 0.25 .oz Vodka Strain over ice and shoot
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    Psychoholic slag

    0.5 oz Beer 0.25 oz Cola 0.25 oz Passion Fruit Syrup Pour all contents into a tall glass, chill, and serve.
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    Pousse cafe #5

    0.25 oz Creme de Menthe 0.25 oz Creme Yvette 0.25 oz Grenadine 0.25 oz Yellow Chartreuse Into a Pousse Cafe glass, carefully pour equal parts of the above ingredient s in order shown so that each ingredient floats on top of preceding one. Pour each liquid over the...
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    Penalty shot #1

    0.25 shot Blue Curacao 1.0 gram Cinnamon 0.25 shot Gin 0.25 shot Tequila 0.25 shot Vodka Shake all ingredients, except vermouth pour in an ice cold shot glass and drop the vermouth and just drink it and suffer .
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    0.25 oz Cointreau 1.5 oz Gin 0.25 oz Grand Marnier 1.0 dash Vermouth 0.5 oz Lillet Shake ingredients with ice. Strain into chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with orange.
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    Lewinsky Blowjob

    0.25 shot Amaretto 0.75 shot Cola 0.25 shot Grain Alcohol 0.25 shot Rum Mix-chug-and deny you had it
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    Iced Coffee

    0.25 cup Black Coffee 4.0 cups Milk 0.25 cup Sugar 0.25 cup Water Mix together until coffee and sugar is dissolved. Add milk. Shake well.
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    0.25 oz. Sprite 0.25 oz. Amaretto 1.0 oz. Apple Cider 0.25 oz. Apple Juice 0.25 oz. Apple Schnapps Put all ingredients in a shot glass then, one-shot! Great smell and great taste.
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    Dr. Daniels #2

    1 Cherry 0.75 glass Dr. Pepper 0.25 glass Bourbon Mix together and stir
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    Do Me Juice

    0.25 shot Cinnamon Schnapps 0.25 shot Peppermint Schnapps 0.25 shot Rum 0.25 shot Jagermeister Serve in shot glass. Chill prior to adding rum. Float rum on top. ENJOY!
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    Chocolate Tuile

    4 oz butter 2 oz honey - 3.5 oz flour 4 oz sugar - powdered 1 oz cacao powder - 2 whites (0.25 c) =Sift 2. into 1., add 3.