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    Shit kicker

    0.3 oz Grenadine 0.3 oz Green Creme de Menthe 0.3 oz Rye Whiskey In shooter layer as rye cr de menthe grenadine Have fun!! you won't remember a thing!!!! 8^)
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    Rasberry tootsie roll pop

    0.3 oz. Vodka 0.3 oz. Sweet & Sour Mix 0.3 oz. Cola 1/2 oz. Amaretto 1/2 oz. Raspberry Liqueur Mix the lot in a glass with ice and stir, then strain into shoot glass.
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    Koocaracha #2

    0.3 shot Club Soda 0.3 shot Jose Cuervo Tequila 0.3 shot Coffee Liqueur Mix All Three Ingredeints Put Hand Or Napkin Over Shot Glass Raise About 6
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    Kgb #2

    0.3 oz. Kahlua 0.3 oz. Grand Marnier 0.3 oz. Irish Cream Layer over the back of a spoon into a shot glass in the order Kahlua, Baileys, Grand Marnier.
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    Bountyfrozen Zlternative)

    1/2 oz. Cream 0.3 oz. Stolichnaya Vanil 0.3 oz. Coconut Liqueur 0.7 oz. Vanilla Ice Cream sprinkle desiccated coconut for added effect.
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    NY Style Cheesecake

    2 lb cream cheese 10 oz sugar 1 tsp vanilla - 4 eggs 2 yolks - 0.3 c cream 0.3 c beer - 0.5 zeste orange 0.5 zeste lemon =Blanche 1., beat in 2. 1x1, add rest in order. Line mold with parchment, bake 350F in bain marie 1.5hrs