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    The ultimate bodybuilder´s drink

    10.0 oz Amaretto 5.0 oz Ice Cream 10.0 oz Milk 10.0 oz Vodka Put everything in a big shaker until it's mixed. Drink before and after your workout.
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    Japs Eye

    10.0 % Banana Liqueur 20.0 % Cointreau 20.0 % Milk 30.0 % Tabasco Sauce 10.0 % Tequila Put ingredients into a nice dirty glass and knock the damn thing back!
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    Guacarita Drink

    10.0 oz. Beer 10.0 oz Ice 4.0 oz Tabasco Sauce 6.0 oz. Tequila 4.0 oz. Tomato Juice Mix them up
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    Bitch Ya Can't Hold It!

    10.0 ml Brandy 25.0 ml Bailey's Irish Cream 20.0 ml Lemonade 10.0 ml Scotch 30.0 ml Tequila Mix spirits in a shaker. Crush ice, add to shaker. Shake, add Lemonade. and pour....guaranteed to knock your head off!!
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    Bier Und Lemonade (beer And Lemonade)

    10.0 oz Sprite 10.0 oz Beer 10.0 oz Cola 10.0 oz Lemonade 10.0 oz Root Beer Mix beer and any soda you have on hand. I like a 50/50 mixture, but you can adjust to taste.