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    1/5 Amaretto 1/5 Licor 43 1/5 Southern Comfort 1/5 Triple Sec 1/5 Jack Daniels Stir lightly, with or without ice
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    1/5 oz Dark Rum 1/5 oz Kahlua 1/5 oz Amaretto 2/5 oz Irish Cream Chill ingredients before hand. Carefully layer the ingredients in order: Rum, Kahlua, Amaretto, Bailey's.
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    Blue Smurf Piss

    1/5 shot Jagermeister 1/5 shot Bacardi 151 1/5 shot Rumplemintz 1/5 shot Goldschlager 1/5 shot Blue Curacao Pour as listed.
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    A.t.b. (ask The Barman)

    1/5 Melon liqueur 1/5 Grenadine 1/5 Blue Curacao 1/5 Amaretto 1/5 Bailey's Irish Cream Pour each ingredient slowly down the side of a shot glass in order, they will settle nicely layered. Shoot.
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    American Pousse Cafe

    1/5 Maraschino 1/5 Curacoa 1/5 Chartreuse 1/5 Anisette 1/5 Brandy WARNING: USE EXTREME CAUTION! Carefully float each ingredient, in order, on top of each other by slowly pouring over the back of a bar spoon. Keep seperated. Serve burning by setting fire to the Brandy on top