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    White trash #2

    4.0 oz. Ice 6.0 oz. Milk 6.0 oz. Southern Comfort Get a pint glass, and put three ice cubes in it. Pour six ounces of SoCo into the glass, then fill the glass with milk. Stir it with a spoon, then enjoy your newfound summer drink.
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    The big knockover

    6.0 oz Grapefruit Juice 6.0 oz Rum Pour rum into a glass, add rum and guzzle, watch out it hits real hard.
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    6.0 oz. Bourbon 3.0 ml. Tabasco Sauce 6.0 oz. Tequila Mix with ice in blender, and spread all over the taint.
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    Shandy #3

    6.0 oz Beer 6.0 oz Ginger Ale Serve in beer mug
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    Romulan ale #3

    2.0 oz Blue Curacao 6.0 oz Champagne no description given
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    Purple smurf

    12.0 oz Lemonade 6.0 oz Sloe Gin 6.0 oz Strawberry Liqueur 6.0 oz Vodka 6.0 oz Blueberry Schnapps Pour all ingredients into blender. Fill with ice cubes. Blend until slushy.
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    Moon tea

    6.0 shots Gin 0.5 pitcher Orange Juice 6.0 shots Rum 6.0 shots Triple Sec 6.0 shots Vodka Mix all together add ice and enjoy your iced tea
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    Love urn

    6.0 oz Cola 2.0 0z Grain Alcohol 6.0 oz Milk 1.0 dash Pepper Add all over ice and enjoy.
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    Jack Attack

    2.0 oz Grenadine 6.0 oz Lemonade 6.0 oz Vodka Pour vodka into cup. Add grenadine to vodka. Add lemonade to both and stir. add ice if necessary.
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    J.b. Express

    1.0 shot Blackberry Schnapps 6.0 oz Orange Juice 6.0 oz 7-UP First mix the orange juice and the mountain dew (or 7-up). Add the blackberry and stir. Better cold.
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    Horny Larry

    6.0 oz. Ginger Ale 6.0 oz. Peach Schnapps Mix and drink.
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    Hop, Skip, And Strip

    24.0 oz Beer 6.0 oz Gin 8.0 oz Lemonade 6.0 oz Rum 6.0 oz Vodka Mix all ingredients in a large container. Chill and Serve.
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    Homebrew #1

    2.0 oz. Cola 2.0 oz. Gin 6.0 oz. Lemonade Mix together and drink up.
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    Happy Hour Delight

    6.0 oz Beer 6.0 oz Beer Drink half of one bottle of beer Kokanee or Blue until it's half full pour half the contents of the other beer into the bottle and drink.
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    Electric Screwdriver #1

    6.0 oz. Sprite 6.0 oz. Orange Juice 2.0 oz. Vodka Mix and enjoy!!
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    California Dreamin'

    6.0 oz. Sprite 0.25 Pineapple 6.0 Strawberries 5.0 oz. White Wine 1.0 Mango Mix together wine and 7-up. Add crushed ice. Dice and slice your fruit
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    Apple Dew #1

    6.0 oz. Mountain Dew 6.0 oz. Apple Schnapps Pour into a glass with a little bit of Mt. Dew, and chug the whole thing. Enjoy!!!!!!!
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    Appalachian Special

    2.0 cups Ice 6.0 oz. Pineapple 2.0 oz Pineapple Juice 6.0 oz. Rum Mix all ingredients in a blender till smooth...........enjoy!!!