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    How To Keep Your Jack-O-Lantern Longer

    Pumpkin Preserver An easy pumpkin (Jack-o-Lantern) preserver is to spray your pumpkin with WD-40. IMPORTANT: Let it set for at least 24 hours before adding your candle! This will keep the pumpkin from rotting/molding, etc. for about 3 weeks or so.
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    Storm cloud #1

    2 oz. Rum 1 oz. Jose Cuervo Tequila 1 oz. Amaretto Layer into Glass, adding the Amaretto last. Insert straw and stir up the "cloud".
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    Jack's Vanilla Coke #1

    5 Ice 1 tsp. Vanilla Extract 2 oz. Jack Daniels 12 oz. Coca Cola After pouring in your ingredients, and adding 3-5 ice cubes, according to taste. Stir the drink with a stirrer to get the Vanilla off the bottom.
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    Electric Jam #2

    1/2 Ice 2 oz Vodka 1/2 oz Blue Curacao n/a Sour Mix Fill with 7-UP The instructions were given in order of adding.
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    Cherry and Pineapple Juice

    1 cup Bing sweet cherries, pitted 1 cup cubed fresh pineapples Alternate adding the cherries and pineapple to the juicer and process until juiced.