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    Mocca flip

    4 oz. Lemonade 1 oz. Coffee Liqueur 1 oz. Advocaat Top up with Lemonade.
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    1/2 Ice n/a Fanta 1/2 oz. Coffee Liqueur 1/2 oz. Bols Blue 1 oz. Advocaat Fill up with Fanta.
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    1 oz. Cream de Cacao 1 oz. Coffee Liqueur 1 oz. Advocaat shake and strain
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    I Twought I Twaw A Putty Tat

    1/2 oz Cream 1 oz Coffee Liqueur 1/2 oz Advocaat Layer in order
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    Horny Bols

    0.68 oz. Advocaat 3/4 oz. Midori Melon Liqueur put the melon first and gently put the advocaat follow with the baileys on top, should be two layered.
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    Gorilla Snot #2

    1/2 oz. Melon liqueur 1/2 oz. Creme de Banana 1/5 oz. Advocaat Layer the creme de banana over the melon liqueur. Then drop the Advocaat into the middle of the creme de banana. The Advocaat should hang in the middle if poured correctly.
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    Golden Oriole

    1/2 oz Cream 1/2 oz Dark Rum 1/2 oz Amaretto 1/2 oz Advocaat Shake with ice
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    Frou Frou

    2 oz. Lemonade 2 oz. Advocaat Blend Advocaat with 1 Whole Banana , Pour and top with 2 oz Lemonade
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    Egg Nog With Anise

    1/2 Ice 2/3 oz. Triple Sec 1/3 oz. Pastis 1.33 oz. Advocaat Shake with ice and strain.
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    1 oz. Cherry Brandy 1 oz. Creme de Banana 1 oz. Apricot Brandy 1 oz. Advocaat Pour creme de banana, apricot brandy and cherry brandy into the beer mug. Drop in a few ice cubes, and fill mug 3/4 with milk. Slowly pour the ounce of advocaat over the...
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    C'est L'amour

    1/3 oz. Cream 3/4 oz. Rum 1/3 oz. Bols Blue 1 tsp Grenadine 1/3 oz. Advocaat Shake with ice and strain in to glass
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    Blond Angel

    3 oz Orange Juice 2 oz Advocaat Build (Pour) & stir
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    Advo Shoot's

    1.25 oz. Bols Red Orange 0.68 oz. Advocaat shake with ice and strain into the glass