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    Appalachian Special

    2.0 cups Ice 6.0 oz. Pineapple 2.0 oz Pineapple Juice 6.0 oz. Rum Mix all ingredients in a blender till smooth...........enjoy!!!
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    1.5 oz Scotch 1 oz. Green Ginger Wine 1 oz. Orange Juice Fill a shaker half full with ice cubes. Pour all ingredients into shaker and shake well. Strain drink into a Cocktail glass.
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    Prelude of Appalachian Trout

    Smoked Trout Fillets Trout Mousseline Papaya-Chutney Empanadas Papaya Chutney Marinated Papaya Mustard-Dill Vinaigrette with Trout Roe Wild Greens in Wine and Fruit Vinaigrette TO SERVE Place assorted greens in upper left and lower left areas of 11-in. plate. Arrange marinated papaya...