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    Does exposing a 15 year old to approximately 400 mRems of radiation in a single hour do damage?

    Does this put the person at a high risk of cancer or other cell damage - would it have any effect at all - or would it, according to the Radiation hormesis hypothesis, perhaps even have a beneficial effect?I am asking because, at 15, I had a corrupt chiropractor take approximately 4-6 (maybe...
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    Butt Fucks

    4 oz. Amaretto 4 oz. Southern Comfort 2 oz. Yukon Jack 2 oz. Lime Juice Mix all ingredients in a shaker with ice. Shake for approximately 1 minute, till really cold. Pour into shot glasses. Makes approximately 16 shots.
  3. Chef

    Old Dough (Pâte fermentée)

    10 ounces Bread flour 1 teaspoon Instant yeast 7 1/2 fluid ounces Water, at 70°F (20°C) 1/4 ounce Salt Yield: 17 ounces 1. Combine the ingredients in a mixer bowl fitted with a dough hook. Knead on medium speed until a perfect windowpane has been reached, approximately 8 minutes. Lightly dust...