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    Austrian Hussar

    0.2 oz. Apricot Brandy 1.0 each Lemon In an 8-oz. highball glass filled with ice add brandy. Fill with tonic water or quinine. Twist lemon peel over drink to release oils.
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    Austrian Airlines

    2/3 oz. Vodka n/a Champagne 2/3 oz. Apricot Brandy dash Grenadine Add one bar spoon BOLS Maraschino and one bar spoon Lemon Juice. Fill up with Champagne.
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    Austrian SacherTorte

    90 g butter 80g powdered sugar 4 Eggs 90g semisweet chocolate 80g granulated sugar 90g flour 1/2tsp baking powder Apricot marmelade Melted semisweet chocolate for cover Beat 90 grams butter with 80 grams powdered sugar until creamy. Add 4 egg yolks (save the whites) and mix well. Melt 90 grams...
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    Majorram Potato Casserole

    750 g potatoes 250 g cream (you can use a mix of yoghurt and sour cream to lower the fat content) 2 egg yolks 40 g butter 75g ham bunch of fresh marjoram (dried otherwise) freshly ground pepper salt Wash, peel and slice the potatoes thinly. In lightly salted, rolling boiling water, cook for 5...
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    Austrian Apple And Potato Salad

    1 lb Tart green apples 1/4 c White wine vinegar -peeled, cored and diced Salt and pepper 1 lb Potatoes, cooked, peeled 2 Beets, cooked, peeled -and diced -and sliced 1/4 c Olive oil 2 Hard boiled eggs, sliced 6 servings Combine the apples and the potatoes in a bowl. Whisk together the vinegar...