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    Bayou Salad

    3 cups cooked rice 2 cups (8 oz) crawfish tails 2 cups sliced celery 1 cup frozen green peas, thawed 1/4 cup diced pimientos 1 cup mayonnaise 1-1/2 tbs lemon juice 1 tsp salt 1/4 tsp ground black pepper Combine rice, crawfish, celery, peas, and pimientos. Blend remaining ingredients; toss...
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    Cold Cucumber Soup

    Ingredients * Prep Time: 30 min * Level: Easy * Yield: 2 1/2 quarts; 8 to 10 servings * 6 pounds cucumbers (about 6 cucumbers), peeled, seeded, and coarsely chopped (12 cups) * 2 yellow bell peppers, stem and seeds removed, coarsely...
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    Blue Bayou Chocolate Mousse

    Yield: 8 cups 12 ounces bittersweet chocolate 4 ounces unsalted butter 5 ounces egg whites 2 ounces granulated sugar 3 1/2 cups heavy cream In a double boiler combine chocolate and butter, stirring until melted. Whip cream and sugar until light and fluffy; set aside. Beat egg whites at...
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    Turkey bayou burgers

    Yield: 4 Servings Ingredients: * 1 lb Ground turkey * 2 Scallions (3" of green left -on) thinly sliced * 1 Red bell pepper cored -seeded and finely chopped * 1 ts Minced garlic * 2 tb Chopped cilantro * 3/4 ts Dried thyme * 1/2 ts Ground cumin * 1/2 ts Paprika...
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    Peppar bayou martini

    1/4 oz. Dry Vermouth 1.5 oz. Vodka Use Peppar Vodka, stir recipe with ice and strain, Garnish with Jalapeno slice
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    Louisiana bayou

    fill Cream 1/2 oz Kahlua 1 oz. Bailey's Irish Cream 1/2 oz White Creme de Cacao ice \ rocks or frozen (add 2 scoops ice cream or mix)
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    Blue Bayou

    1 oz Orange Juice 1 oz Lemon Juice 2/3 oz Blue Curacao 1/2 oz Coffee Liqueur 1 1/2 oz Mt. Gay Barbados Rum Shake with ice and strain over fresh ice
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    Bayou Self

    splash Grenadine 1 1/2 oz. Captain Morgan's Spiced Rum 1 1/2 oz. Butterscotch Schnapps 4 oz. Pineapple Juice Mix Captain Morgan's, Butterscotch Schnapps and 4 oz Pineapple Juice with ice. Pour into glass and top with Grenadine. Garnish with a cherry and a...
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    Bayou Juice

    1 part Malibu Coconut Rum 1 part Rum 1 part Amaretto 1 part Cranberry Juice 1 part Pineapple Juice Pour equal parts of all ingredients into a shaker filled with ice. Chill, shake and strain!
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    Bayou Beer

    1 oz. Hops A Cake of Yeast 1 Lbs. Molasses Combine in a large saucepan; bring to a boil and stir constantly. Allow to cool and ferment before bottling in a crock pot or stone jug, (it should only take a few days).
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    Bayou Backwater

    2 oz. Southern Comfort 6 oz. Lemonade Pour Southern Comfort and lemonade into a 12 oz glass. Stir. Add ice if desired.
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    Disneylands Blue Bayou Mousse

    12 oz. bittersweet chocolate 4 oz. unsalted butter 5 oz. egg whites 2 oz. sugar  31/2 cups heavy cream 1.In double broiler combine chocolate & butter. 2.Whip cream and sugar until fluffy. 3.Beat egg whites to soft peaks. 4.Using whisk combine egg whites,chocolate,and cream. 5.Cover and chill.
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    Bayou Shrimp Fettuccine

    1/2 lb to 1 lb small shrimp, cooked in seasoned water, drained 1/2 cup butter, melted 1/2 tsp milled black pepper 1 lb noodles, cooked in salted water, drained 1/2 cup heavy cream, warmed salt, to taste Split shrimp lengthwise and place in a chafing dish with...
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    Black Iron And Black Magic

    When the earliest white hunters and settlers came to Louisiana, one important piece of equipment they carried was a cast iron Dutch oven. This highly practical cooking utensil was essential in the kit of even the lightest traveling adventurer in early America. In fact, long before Columbus began...
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    Bayou Bob’s Boiled Crawfish

    75 min. 3 lbs. Cleaned Crawfish 4 Onions, halved or quartered 2 Heads Garlic, halved 1 1/2 lbs. Smoked Sausage, sliced in 2” pieces 4 Lemons, medium-sized 1/4 Cup Peanut Oil 1/4 lb. Salt 1 oz. Eastman Outdoors Crazy Cajun Seasoning 8 Red Potatoes, small or medium-sized 3 oz. Celery Salt 2...