1. Cookie

    Fish Fondue

    Drain 2 lbs. fresh or frozen salmon and/or halibut steaks, 1" thick; pat dry. Cut fish into 1" pieces. Prepare sauces (below). Cover fish and sauces; refrigerate. About 15 minutes before serving, drain fish again; pat dry to prevent splattering. Prepare oil and cook fish as directed for Beef...
  2. Cookie

    Veal Fondue

    Cut 2 lbs. leg of veal into 1" cubes. Prepare sauces (below). Cover meat and sauces; refrigerate. Remove from refrigerator about 15 minutes before serving. Prepare oil and cook meat as directed for Beef Fondue. Dip into sauces. 4 servings Anchovy Butter Sauce: Beat 1 can (2 oz) anchovy...
  3. Cookie

    Lamb Fondue

    Trim fat from 2 lbs. boneless lamb shoulder. Cut meat into 1" cubes. Prepare Mock Bernaise Sauce and Orange-Mint Sauce. Cover meat and sauces; refrigerate. Remove from refrigerator about 15 minutes before serving. Prepare oil and cook meat as directed for Beef Fondue. Dip into sauces. 4 servings.
  4. Cookie

    Beef Fondue

    Trim fat from 2 lbs. beef tenderloin, tenderloin tip or boneless beef sirloin. Cut meat into 1" cubes; arrange on lettuce or parsley lined serving plates. Prepare sauces (below). Cover meat and sauces; refrigerate. Remove from refrigerator about 15 minutes before serving. In metal fondue pot...
  5. Cookie

    Rosy Vegetable Soup

    In saucepan, heat 1 can (10 3/4 oz) condensed vegetable beef soup, 1/2 soup can tomato juice and 1/2 soup can water, stirring occasionally. 2 servings (about 1 cup each)
  6. Cookie

    Corned Beef Cabbage Skillet

    1/2 small cabbage 3 tbsp. butter or margarine 1 pkg. Betty Crocker hash browns with onions 1 3/4 cups water 1 tsp. salt 1 can (12oz) corned beef, cut up Remove outside leaves from cabbage; wash cabbage. Coarsely shred to measure 3 cups. In large skillet, melt butter. Stir in cabbage, hash...
  7. Cookie

    Hash 'N Cheese Grill

    1 can (16oz) roast beef hash 1/3 cup catsup 2 tsp. instant minced onion 1 tsp. parsley flakes 3/4 tsp. oregano 4 English muffins, split and buttered 8 slices American cheese, cut into strips Mix hash, catsup, onion, parsley flakes and oregano; spread on muffin halves. Top with cheese strips...
  8. Cookie

    Beef - Egg Sandwich

    1/4 lb. ground beef 1/4 cup chopped onion 2 tbsp. chopped green pepper 1/2 tsp. salt 1/8 tsp. pepper 3 eggs 1 1/2 tbsp water 4 hamburger buns, split and buttered Cook and stir meat, onion, green pepper, salt and pepper until meat is brown and onion is tender. Blend eggs and water; pour over...
  9. Cookie

    Chopped Beef Sandwiches

    1 cup chopped cooked beef 1/2 cup finely chopped celery 2 tbsp. minced onion 2 tbsp. sweet pickle relish, drained 1 tbsp. lemon juice 1/2 tsp. salt 1/8 tsp. pepper 1/3 cup mayonnaise or salad dressing 4 or 5 hard rolls, split and buttered Mix all ingredients except rolls. Spread on rolls. 4 or...
  10. Cookie

    Homemade Vegetable Soup

    6 lb. beef shanks, cracked 2 qt. water 2 bay leaves 10 peppercorns 2 cups sliced carrots 1 cup chopped celery 1 cup chopped onion 2 cans (16 oz each) tomatoes 2 tsp. salt 1/2 tsp. marjoram leaves 1/2 tsp. thyme leaves 1/2 tsp. monosodium glutamate In large kettle, cover shanks with water; heat...
  11. Cookie

    Ruby Consomme

    Heat 2 cans (10 1/2 oz each) condensed beef broth (bouillon), 1 cup tomato juice and 1 cup water. Serve hot or chill and serve over ice. 8 servings 1/2 cup each (25 calories each)
  12. Cookie

    Celery Victor 1

    1 bunch celery 1 cup water 1 beef bouillon cube 1/4 cup low calorie Italian salad dressing Pimiento strips Trim root end off celery but do not separate stalks. Remove leaves and coarse outer stalks. Cut celery bunch crosswise once so bottom section is 5" long. Cut bottom section crosswise into...
  13. Cookie

    Tomato Skillet Cabbage

    1 can (16 oz) tomato wedges in tomato juice, drained (reserve liquid) 1 tsp. instant beef bouillon About 3 cups shredded green cabbage In medium skillet, heat reserved tomato liquid and bouillon until bouillon is dissolved. Stir in cabbage. Cover tightly; cook 3 minutes; stirring occasionally...
  14. Cookie

    Shrimp And Mushrooms

    2 tbsp. butter 2 cups chopped celery 1 can (6 oz) sliced mushrooms, drained 1 tbsp. soy sauce 1 tsp. ginger 1/8 tsp. pepper 1 tbsp. cornstarch 1 tbsp. water 1/2 cup beef broth 2 cans (4 1/2 oz each) shrimp, rinsed and drained 2 cups hot cooked rice In large skillet, melt butter; cook and stir...
  15. Cookie

    Hot Soy Sauce

    Heat 2 cups beef bouillon to boiling. Blend 2 tbsp. cornstarch, 1/4 cup cold water and 2 tbsp. soy sauce; stir gradually into bouillon. Cook, stirring constantly, until mixture thickens and boils. Boil and stir 1 minute. About 2 1/4 cups sauce (5 calories per tablespoon).
  16. Cookie

    Lamb Chops With Vegetables

    4 shoulder lamb chops, 1" thick 1 can (16 oz) Chinese vegetables, drained (reserve liquid) 1 can (8 oz) water chestnuts, drained and thinly sliced (reserve liquid) 3 tbsp. soy sauce 2 beef bouillon cubes 1 clove garlic, minced 1 medium onion, sliced 2 tbsp. cornstarch 1/4 cup water 1 green...
  17. Cookie

    Gourmet Beef Roast

    3 lb. beef rolled rump roast (high quality) 1 tbsp. cracked pepper 2 tbsp. shortening 1/2 cup water 1 tsp. instant beef bouillon Rub roast with cracked pepper (do not rub into ends of roast). Melt shortening in dutch oven; brown roast on all sides. Drain off fat. Pour water over roast; add...
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    1 lb. beef tenderloin or sirloin steak 2 tbsp. salad oil 1/2 cup beef broth 2 tbsp. sugar 1/3 cup soy sauce 1/2 lb. mushrooms, thinly sliced 1 bunch green onions, cut into 1 1/2" lengths 2 large onions, thinly sliced 3 stalks celery, diagonally sliced 1 can (5 oz) bamboo shoots, drained 3 cups...
  19. Cookie

    Chinese Beef And Pea Pods

    1 lb. sirloin steak, 3/4" thick 1 tbsp. soy sauce 1 slice fresh ginger root, crushed 1 clove garlic, crushed 1 pkg. (7 oz) frozen Chinese snow peas 1/4 cup salad oil 1/4 lb. mushrooms, sliced 3 stalks Chinese cabbage, cut into 1/4" slices 1 medium onion, sliced 1 can (8 oz) water chestnuts...
  20. Cookie


    1 can (10 1/2 oz) condensed beef broth (bouillon) 1 can (16 oz) shoestring beets 1 cup shredded cabbage 2 tbsp. minced onion 1 tsp. sugar 1 tsp. lemon juice Sour cream In saucepan, heat beef broth, beets (with liquid), cabbage, onion and sugar to boiling. Reduce heat; simmer gently 5 minutes...