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    Tarragon Vin Blanc

    vin blanc sauce tarragon - chopped =Add chopped tarragon, amount dependent on taste, to vin blanc sauce.
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    Sherry Vin Blanc Sauce

    vin blanc sauce vinegar - sherry sherry wine =reduce a small amount of sherry vinegar with a pinch of salt, add vin blanc sauce and reduce until slightly to thick. Bring back to proper consistancy with sherry wine. Add a pinch of sugar if neccessary
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    Saffron Vin Blanc Sauce

    vin blanc sauce saffron tumeric =add a pinch of saffron to a small amount of white wine, bring to boil, turn off and let step for 15 mins. Add vin blanc sauce and a touch of tumeric. Do not make too yellow!
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    Mustard Vin Blanc Sauce

    vin blanc sauce 2 parts Dijon Mustard 1 part whole grain mustard p sugar =Add Dijon mustard and whole grain (Pommary) mustard to vin blanc sauce.