1. Cookie

    Cherry Pineapple Bologna

    1 lb ring bologna Cherry Pineapple Glaze Potato Buds instant puffs (enough for 4 servings) If necessary, remove casing from bologna; arrange bologna in ungreased 9" pie pan. Cut ring diagonally at 2" intervals, being careful not to cut completely through. Separate cuts and spoon in part of...
  2. Cookie

    Braunschweiger Kabobs

    1/2 lb. braunschweiger, cut into 3/4" cubes ** 1 can (13 1/4 oz) pineapple chunks, drained ** 1 jar (4oz) maraschino cherries, drained 1/2 lb. Cheddar cheese, cut into 3/4" cubes ** On each bamboo skewer, alternate 2 cubes sausage and 1 each pineapple chunk, cherry and cheese cube. About 12...
  3. Cookie

    Bologna Thing-A-Ma-Dingles

    Toast some bread slices. Spread Cheez Whiz on top of toast. Top with bologna (slashed to avoid curling). Brush with BBQ sauce. Place under broiler until browned. Serve for lunch with soup.
  4. Z

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  5. E

    Hot Sub Deep Dish Pie

    3 cups Bisquick 2/3 cup very hot water 2 tablespoons vegetable oil 1 1/4 cups pizza or spaghetti sauce 8 to 10 thinly sliced deli or luncheon meats* 1 large green bell pepper, thinly sliced into rings 2 tablespoons Italian dressing 6 slices Cheddar cheese, cut in half diagonally Move oven rack...

    Midnight Special

    A man went into a deli shop and took a seat at the lunch counter. "Give me a corned beef sandwich," he ordered. "Corned beef sandwich is not on the menu, but I can give you a sandwich with corned beef in it, like our Midnight Special." "What's a Midnight Special?" "A triple decker with...
  7. E


    2 ea SLICES OF WHITE BREAD 1 ea ANY OF THE FOLLOWING 1 servings Potato chips with green grapes. Cottage cheese and sour cream - called a NORDIC delight. Graham crackers and canned frosting. Canned spaghetti - open faced or two slices of bread. Spaghetti sauce sandwich. Dill pickles and...
  8. Chef

    Bologna Omelet

    4 eggs, well beaten 1/4 teaspoon baking powder 2 tablespoons diced onion 2 tablespoons diced green peppers 2 tablespoons diced celery 1/2 bologna slice, cut into small pieces 1 american cheese slice, cut into small pieces Servings: 2 Mix all ingredients together in bowl. Fry over medium heat in...
  9. Cookie

    Bologna Biscuits with Vegetables

    Bologna Biscuits with Vegetables Heat oven to 425F 1/4 cup sliced onion 2 tbsp. shortening 2 tbsp. flour 1/2 tsp. salt 1/8 tsp. pepper 1 can (16oz) tomatoes 1/2 lb. bologna, cut into cubes (2 cups) 3/4 cup cooked diced carrots 3/4 cup cooked cut green beans Bologna Biscuit Dough (below) Bologna...