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    Spear suprise

    4.0 bottles Apple Cider 4.0 bottles Apple Juice 1.0 packet Cloves 5.0 bottles Lemonade 6.0 cartons Orange Juice Mix together in large vat and serve as punch with buckets of ice.
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    Raspberry cordial #2

    2 Vodka 1 1/4 Sugar 2 Raspberry Juice Combine all ingredients and stir until sugar is dissolved. Store in large bottles for 22 days, then put in gift bottles and seal.
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    Kahlua #2

    8 oz. Instant Coffee 8 cups Sugar 8 tbs. Boiling Water 12 cups Brandy Use fifteen 12 oz bottles with tops (cork is preferred with liquor bottles). Make sure the bottles are clean. Mix the coffee, sugar, vanilla powder in the largest bowl you have. Add the...
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    1/2 bottle Jack Daniels 1 bottle Vodka 2 bottles Tequila 1.5 gal Orange Juice 1 bag Lemon 1/2 kg Sugar 3 bottles Cachaca Cut lemons into wedges and mix into large container.
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    2 ea Bottles White Grape Juice 56 oz (2 Bottles) 7-Up 1 ea Bottle Club Soda 10 servings Mix ingredients. Serve well chilled. Tastes like champagne!!