1. Maryjane

    Needed cleaning supplies& tips for a filthy house?

    Cleaning my father's house tomorow I know how to clean a clean house but this is just disgusting. Any supplies that can make the job easier or helpful tips to save me time/ disgust?
  2. M

    Does anyone have any tips for cleaning my room?

    I am sixteen and have a daughter who is 8 months. We still live at my parents house until I turn 18 and go to college and we have our own apartment. So between the two of us living in my room my room gets really messy. I also want to paint since the color I have now I've had on the walls since I...
  3. F

    Do you pick up cleaning tips from Kim and Aggie in 'How Clean is Your House' and use them?

    My house has never been so sparkly!
  4. B

    Want to clean kitchen and livingroom for mom?

    oK.. i WANTED TO TRY TO BE NICE TO MY MOM and dad(srry for the caps lock) they r not home RIGHT NOW AND i WAS WONDERING IF YOU HAVE ANY QUICK BUT GOOD ideas on how to clean my livingroom(really big) and my kitchen??? any good tips !! plz I need help b4 my mom comes home
  5. B

    I want to clean my whole house tomorrow ?

    Ok Here is a list of all I want to do when I wake up. I am going to bed after this it is 10:56pm and I will rise at 8am Help with what first. Do's and Don'ts ...Household cleaning and organizing tips would be great... Thanks Yahoo answers 1rst of course .Do Dishes , Organize Kitchen cupboards...
  6. C

    Whats is the best way to whiten your white and black hat with household materials?

    I recently took the little gold sticker on top of the bill of to see how clean it was before it got dirty, and it was like staring into the sun, it was just that clean and white... so any tips? I need it clean quick because I'm using it as I volunteer for Cherry Fest in my town.
  7. E

    Homemade Window Cleaner

    It's very easy to make and will clean your window without any nasty chemicals. Mix: 400 ml of water 3 tbsp/45 ml of vinegar 1/2 tsp/2.5 ml of washing up liquid fill into an old, clean spray bottle. I am using an old garden spray bottle.
  8. E

    Crystal Clean #1

    1 shot Pernod 1 Part Apple Cider Mix it all together and stir it up.