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    Yellow motherfuckers

    1 Part Vodka 1 Part Gin fill Mountain Dew 16 oz. Frozen Lemonade Concentrate It is best to use a large cooler with a spout. The amount of Vodka and Gin you use depends on the size of your cooler. Add the ingredients to your preferred taste.
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    Sombrero cooler

    3 oz. Vodka 2 oz. Sloe Gin 3 oz. Rum Serve over ice
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    Smurf juice #1

    1 Part Wine 1 Part Ginger Ale To Color Curacao It's a nice wine cooler.
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    Shark attack punch

    1 gal Vodka 1/2 fifth Blue Curacao 1/2 fifth Blueberry Schnapps 1 gal Lemonade 1 gal Water Mix in a large container like a Coleman cooler.
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    Peach tea cooler

    3 oz Peach Schnapps 9 oz Iced Tea Mix and serve on the rocks.
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    6 oz. Jose Cuervo Tequila 6 oz. Vodka 6 oz. Dark Rum 6 oz. Gin 12 oz. Pineapple Juice 6 oz. Whiskey Mix all ingredients together in pitcher and to add a cooler edge throw in some crushed ice and a touch of cinnamon.
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    Bullfrog Punch

    1 Gal. Vodka 4 l. Mello Yello Pour In A Big Cooler And Get Sloppy!
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    Bullfrog #1

    750 ml. Vodka 1 can Frozen Limeade Concentrate 2 l. Lemon Lime Soda Mix everything into a bath tub big cooler or relevant container and dip with a big wooden ladle.