1. Cookie

    Individual Cold Plates

    For each serving, arrange on leaf lettuce, 1 slice cold cooked turkey, 2 thin slices roast beef, rolled up, 1 strip caraway cheese and 1 triangle Cheddar cheese. Allow about 1/2 lb meat per serving. On Bibb lettuce, arrange whole green beans and canned artichoke hearts that have been marinated...
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    Cottage Cheese & Raisin Filling

    Yield: 1 Servings Ingredients: * 1/4 c Well drained cottage cheese * 2 Crushed saltines or Crackers * 1 tb Mayonnaise * 1/4 c Seedless raisins Instructions: chopped Very fine. To the cup of well drained and sieved cottage cheeese andd the crackers mayonnaise and raisins. Mix...
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    Cottage Cheesecake

    16 oz cottage cheese 8 oz sugar - 8 oz evap. milk 0.2 tsp salt 3 eggs 3 Tbsp flour 1 tsp van. =Whip 3-4mns.
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    Cottage Cheese Pie

    1 lb Cottage cheese 1 tb Milk 1/2 c Sugar 1/2 ts Vanilla 3 Well beaten eggs 6 servings Sieve cottage cheese. Mix ingredients and put in pie shell. Sprinkle cinnamon on top. Bake for 20 minutes at 350 or 375 until done.