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    Is it dangerous to be around someone who just went through radiation for breast cancer?

    My friend recently found out she had breast cancer and I was wondering if it is dangerous to be around someone that went through radiation? Will it provoke cancer on me or affect me in any way?
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    Killing Light

    2/8 Vodka 2/8 Cognac 1/8 Peppermint Schnapps 1/8 Cointreau n/a 7-UP Highly dangerous mix-but taste it! You'll be surprised.
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    Death Wish #1

    1 Part Wild Turkey 101 1 Part Rumplemintz 1 Part Jagermeister Mix and pour into shot glasses., The bar would cut you off after three of these. FOR HOME USE ONLY! This could be potentially dangerous!
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    Is it dangerous to get chickenpox at 13?

    Im 13..and i didnt get my chickenpox yet. My friend has it and i wanna see her so i can get it.because its better now then when im an adult. But is it dangerous? If im 13? Or is it ok?
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    How can we protect our eyes from computer radiation?

    Do we need to use eyeglasses? [ I am a college student and most of the time I open my computer to research. I don't usually print my assignments or research works. I always copy from the net and jot it down to my notebook. I am afraid that my eyes will be destroyed because of the computer...