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    The king of denmark

    1 cl Grenadine 3 cl Sambuca Just mix the two things together and serve. It is possible, but not necessary, to set the drink on fire as it is usually done with Sambuca. In any case don't add any ice.
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    Orgasm a la denmark

    4 cl. Bailey's Irish Cream 2 cl. Vodka Stir it together until it just looks like Bailey's.
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    King Of Denmark

    4 Pernod 3 Ribena Blackcurrant Syrup 8 Water Stir the Pernod & Black, add several big ice cubes.
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    Badly Special From Denmark

    2 cl. Vodka 2 cl. Light Rum 2 cl. Gordon's Gin 1 cl. Malibu Coconut Rum 15 cl. Cola 10 cl. Beer Pour in shaker add ice fill with Coke and Soda.