1. A

    Spring Cleaning Tips?

    Anyone have any tips for cleaning? Bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms, bath rooms. For clutter, getting rid of stains, etc. It would also help if they were eco-friendly, but they dont have to be. :) Thanks.
  2. M

    Cleaning tips with organization?

    Hey, any helpful ideas on how to really keep a good clean house with out having to do it all at once. Like what do other people do to maintain a tidy home? I am so overwhelmed by life, that I feel that I am slipping in my housework.
  3. J

    How to make a kitchen bigger without adding on to the house?

    We have a really small kitchen and need some tips on how to make best of the space. Thank you.
  4. A

    My friends kitchen is a mess?

    She wants me to help her clean her kitchen which is almost as bad as being worthy enough to be on thos How Clean Is your House? shows I want some kitchen cleaning tips that I can use to clean her kitchen. Can you help me?I am helping her clean it.And also I WANT to help she's not making me do...
  5. H

    Strange Tips and Hints?

    Will this be helpfull???1. Budweiser beer conditions the hair 2. Pam cooking spray will dry finger nail polish 3. Cool whip will condition your hair in 15 minutes 4. Mayonnaise will KILL LICE, it will also condition your hair 5. Elmer's Glue - paint on your face, allow it to dry, peel off and...
  6. I

    Cleaning with Vinegar?

    Any one have any household cleaning tips that i can use Vinegar or maybe other household remedies...Im allergic to bleach so im looking to clean with things i have in my home.
  7. L

    What are some good ten minute tips on how to clean something small in the household?

    What are some good ten minute tips on how to clean something small in the household?
  8. M

    Does anyone have any tips of organizing with a household of 7 (almost 8)?

    I am a homeschooling mom of 5 children, number 6 will be here in October. My house is running away without us, I need help in organizing laundry and clothes, school supplies and just space saving in general. Thank you!!!
  9. J

    can anyone give me some tips on how to make eco friendly or green household cleaners?

    For example window cleaner, bathroom cleaner, floor cleaner, laundry detergent, any type of pet products, etc....I just want to try to go green and would rather make them myself, so any tips on how to make any type of cleaning product would be greatly appreciated. thanks so much!
  10. J

    How can I remove stains from a cookie sheet?

    The cookie sheet is Farberware and it is non-stick. I used it to cook/heat up various things in the oven and now it has brown stains on it. Any advice on how to clean it is appreciated.I started using a new cookie sheet with aluminum foil so it wouldn't stained. Any other tips? I'm a newlywed...
  11. C

    What are tips for keeping your household clean and functioning smoothly?

    What are tips for keeping your household clean and functioning smoothly?
  12. S

    What is your least favorite household chore and what is the easiest way you have found to complete it?

    I hate doing the dishes and we don't have a dishwasher. In general though, I want some good tips on dealing wth the worst chores!!
  13. P

    Is there any household product that will clean a burned pot?

    I tried dish detergent and a good scrubber but no luck. Any tips would be greatly appreciated!
  14. Katie Girl

    What's the best/worst dishwasher in Australia to buy and why?

    There are only 2 of us but we like to cook and entertain. Also, we don't want to plumb it in at this stage as we are thinking of renovating the kitchen. Any tips about drawers, accessories etc will be appreciated.
  15. E

    a medal for what are some household energy saving tips?

    for all seasons the one with the most and most creative gets a medal
  16. Anonymous

    Does anyone have any great cleaning tips?

    I am cleaning house today. Please let me know your favorite great cleaning tips?
  17. J

    help needed--tips for organizing your household?

    Any good tips for organizing anything in the house. Even if it's the smallest thing. My household is so disorganized. Everything from closets to the kids stuff to myself. Any help or tip is greatly appriecaited. Thanks
  18. W

    What are good household energy conveservation tips?

    What types of changes will help to decrease power usage in a house. Water heater is gas so that will not use electrical power.
  19. D

    Any household cleaning tips to cut down time spent on household chores?

    Any household cleaning tips to cut down time spent on household chores?
  20. E

    Handy Hints For The Home

    Along the line of the handy hints (other) thread....... To clean burnt on residue from the bottom of a saucepan, pour vinegar over and place in the freezer overnight. Allow to partially thaw, then add a handful of bicard of soda and scrub with a nylon brush as it fizzes. Instead of using a...