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    Hot Orange Tea

    2 jars (4 2/3 oz each) orange-flavored instant breakfast drink 1 jar (2 oz) instant tea 1/2 cup sugar 2 pkgs (.15 oz each) pre-sweetened lemon soft drink mix 1 tsp. cinnamon 1/2 tsp. allspice Mix all ingredients; store in tightly covered container. To serve, measure 1 tsp mix into cup; fill...
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    "Sometimes when I reflect back on all the beer I drink I feel ashamed - Then I look into the glass and think about the workers in the brewery and all of their hopes and dreams. If I didn't drink this beer, they might be out of work and their dreams would be shattered. Then I say to myself, 'It...
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    Drink: Share your Long Island Iced Tea recipe

    Hey guys. The other day I got a wild hair up my butt and decided to make some long island iced teas. I used the well known recipe which is: 1pt White Rum 1pt White Tequilla 1pt Gin 1pt Vodka 1pt Triple Sec 1 1/2 pts Sours mix & Splash of coke This version of the drink was good but just didn't...
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    Zaza cocktail #1

    2 oz. Jagermeister 2 Scoops Ice Cream Throw in a blender, whip to a frenzy, and drink! Beware of the brain freeze.
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    Yukon dew me

    8 oz Mountain Dew 2 oz Yukon Jack fill Ice Just mix and drink.
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    3/4 oz. Whiskey 1/2 oz. Yoo-Hoo Chocolate Drink Fill a large shot glass to just shy of the shot line with whiskey. Top off glass with Yoo-hoo Chocolate Drink. Stir with pinky and shoot.
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    Yellow screwdriver

    2.0 cup Lemonade 2.0 shots Vodka Mix the Vodka and Lemonade together and drink.
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    Williams explosion

    4 cl. Vodka 1/2 Pears 4 cl. Pear Syrup n/a Pear Soft Drink Mix pear half, vodka and concentrate well (until the pear is drinkable) Pour in a high glass, over ice and fill with soft drink
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    Who's ya daddy

    1 oz. Kahlua 2 oz. Cognac Mix together with ice in a cocktail glass. Drink slowly and enjoy!
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    White christmas (2)

    1 oz. Gin 1 oz. Milk Heat in microwave till warm. Drink!
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    We are in the lagoon and i am blue headed goon

    3.0 oz Blue Curacao 3.0 oz Milk 1.5 oz Vodka Mix these altogether. Add no ice cubes to the glass. Drink it in long glass...enjoy this goofy looking drink.
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    2.0 oz Cranberry Juice 1.0 oz Frangelico 3.0 oz Vodka Drink with ice and enjoy it.
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    Vargtass #2

    4 Cl. Lingon Dricka 15 Cl. Absolut Vodka You just smash them together.And drink it fast. Lord Ruen
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    Vargtass #1

    4 cl. Grain Alcohol 15 cl. Vodka You just smash them together. And drink it fast. Lord Ruen
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    Twenty-four caret nightmare

    1 Part Goldschlager 1 Part Sambuca Mix together and drink however you want.
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    True mind-eraser

    1 oz. Vodka 2 - 4 oz Club Soda 1 oz. Kahlua Build over ice in a Collins glass. First Kahlua then Vodka and finally fill with the soda. Insert a straw (with finger over the end) into drink, when at the bottom, release it. Drink as fast as possible because this is a...
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    Three wisemen #2

    1 oz. Jagermeister 1 oz. 151 Proof Rum 1 oz. Tequila Drink fast and have a chaser!
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    This drink shall fuck you up

    1.0 Can Cola 5.0 Oz Rum The best way to drink rum is to mix progressively stronger drinks.
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    Third reich

    1 part Cinnamon 1 part Jagermeister 1 part Rumplemintz In a shot glass pour Rumpleminze, Goldschlagger, and Jagermeister. Effervescent!!! Drink too many of these and you'll pay the price.
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    The ultimate bodybuilder´s drink

    10.0 oz Amaretto 5.0 oz Ice Cream 10.0 oz Milk 10.0 oz Vodka Put everything in a big shaker until it's mixed. Drink before and after your workout.