1. Chef

    Weight Loss 4 Idiots and dummies

    Weight Loss 4 Idiots and Dummies; 40 ways: Cut salt from you diet. Walk to the store instead of driving. Take the stairs every chance you get instead of the elevator. Don't eat with in 3-4 hours before bed. Eliminate soda or sugary drinks from your diet. Avoid diet foods. Drink water...
  2. Y

    why are guys so difficult?

    i'm 18, got a 9 month old child. real dad a d**k head, dun a runner wen he found out i was pregnant. So many guys have messed me about, i can't seem 2 trust them now. my ex is just messin wid ma head. i'm so down and depressed. doesnt help when ma kid's teething!!!
  3. E

    43 Dummies

    1 oz. Licor 43 1 oz. Triple Sec Stir ingredients given in a mixing-glass with ice. Strain into a chilled cocktail glass with crushed ice. Garnish with a cherry.
  4. Z

    Cookbooks for bgeinners, help please!?

    I'm attempting to do more "real" cooking (basically, not just stuff out of jars) and I was wondering if anyone knows of any cookbooks for beginners. Ones with what cookware you and maybe a few basic tips on how to do basic things, like chopping onions and stuff like that, would be really...