mother ghost

    1.What did the mother ghost tell the baby ghost when he ate too fast? Stop goblin your food. ===================================================== 2. What do you get when you put three ducks in a box? A box of quackers. ===================================================== 3. Why...
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    Egyptian 75

    1 oz gin 30 mL 1 oz brandy 30 mL 1 tsp lime juice 5 mL dash aromatic bitters ice cubes chilled ginger ale Pour gin, brandy, lime juice and bitters over ice cubes in a high glass. Stir, add ginger ale.
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    Egyptian Kefta (Meatballs)

    1 lb Ground lamb 1 ts Salt 1/2 ts Course ground pepper Watercress Chopped flat parsley Combine meat , salt and pepper, Form into 5 or 6 four inch ovals. Thread on skewer and grill 5 minutes until brown, turn and grill other side. Serve on a bed of watercress. Profusley sprinkle with chopped...