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    Pink panocha

    1.0 gallon Cranberry Juice 1.0 fifth Grain Alcohol 1.0 gallon Orange Juice 1.0 fifth Peach Schnapps 1.0 fifth Vodka Mix it all together in a new trashcan and add ice. This is a very strong drink. It is a Fiji house favorite. Adding fruit such as bananas, apples, and...
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    Fiji Fizz

    1.5 oz Dark Rum 1/2 oz Bourbon 1 tsp. Cherry Brandy 3 dashes Orange Bitters 4 oz Cola Add Dark Rum, Bourbon, Cherry Brandy, and Bitters to mixing glass ice. Shake and strain into Collins glass. Add a few ice cubes and fill with cola.
  3. Chef

    Fiji Iced Tea

    4 ounces ice 8 ounces Stash English or Irish Breakfast tea, brewed double strength 2 ounces coconut syrup 1 ounce cream OR 1 ounce half and half Servings: 1 1. Combine ice, iced tea, coconut syrup, cream or half-and-half in a cocktail shaker or a jar with a lid. Shake until cold and frothy. 2...