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    Satan's spawn

    1 oz. Firewater 4 dashes Tabasco Sauce Add the Tabasco first, then the Firewater
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    3/4 shot Rumplemintz 1/4 shot Firewater Pour Rumpleminze into glass first, add Firewater
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    Jose Flame-o

    1/2 oz Firewater 1/2 oz Jose Cuervo Tequila First put Tequila in shot glass, then add Firewater
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    Flaming Cornholio

    1/2 glass Jack Daniels 1/2 glass Orange Juice 1 oz. Firewater Mix the Orange Juice and J.D. in a beer mug and drop the shot glass of Firewater in it.
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    Fireball #1

    1 Ounce Firewater 1 Dash Tabasco Sauce Fill shot glass with firewater and put a drop of Tabasco on top.
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    Fire And Ice #3

    1/2 shot Firewater 1/2 shot Rumplemintz Layer the Rumple Minze on top of the Firewater (as best as possible)
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    911 #2

    1 oz Firewater 1 oz Ice 101 Mix equal proportions of each in one shot glass.