1. Cookie

    Little John Silvers

    Cut lengthwise into halves... 4 individual loaves French bread. Spread cut sides with prepared mustard. Put in layers on bottom halves... crisp lettuce leaves, sliced boiled ham, sliced process American cheese, sliced tomatoes, thin green pepper rings. Cover with top halves of loaves and fasten...
  2. E


    2 Parts Southern Comfort 1 Part Peach Schnapps This is a Winter drink which can only be consumed outdoors preferably in an alpine environment. It is should be consumed in small swigs from a French Canteen type of divide and only after a epic day of skiing...Why yes it's...
  3. E

    French Monkey

    2/3 glass Red Wine 1/3 glass Orangina Orange Drink It's simple just add the 2 together and you've got "French Monkey Madness!!"