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    Thawing A Frozen Bird

    How many days do I allow for thawing a 21lb bird in my fridge?
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    Wet dream from hell

    2 oz Red Wine 1 Gelatin 2 oz Tequila Mix together, have sex while its in the fridge, then eat it off your partners genitals.
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    Holistic X-mas

    3.0 oz Banana Liqueur 3.0 oz Cola 6.0 oz Ice Cream Mix everything together in a mixer. Keep in fridge before serving!
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    Drunk Watermelon

    1 fifth Vodka 1 Watermelon Cut a hole in the top of the watermelon and pour all of the vodka in the watermelon. Put the watermelon (hole upwards) in the fridge for one day before eating.
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    Grease mix

    0.5 c lectin 1 c oil =Blend smooth in blender, keep in fridge