1. W

    What are some good jokes for a comedy comic?

    I'm making a comic about a bittorent tracker user having cops on his tail xD. Its supposed to be funny and the part 1 was (I posted it in my tracker forum and everyone liked it) But I have no ideas for part two. Any good jokes or funny situations/events?
  2. X

    What are some funny jokes/stories to tell at a funeral service ?

    I need funny jokes or stories to tell at a funeral service tonight, just to lighten up the mood of the folks. Any rude comments, please , don't post anything.
  3. J

    what are the best funny household tips i need 100 more for a new book?

    please include your name as if your tip is chosen your name may be in the book!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Cookie

    Where's The Rake?

    Funny little animation!! Worth watching!!!!:laugh: