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    Iced Mocha

    Iced Mocha (easy) 1/2 gallon white milk 1/2 gallon chocolate milk 3/4 c instant coffee granuals 1 c white sugar Finely crushed ice Mix the sugar and coffee together first before adding the milks, otherwise the coffee doesn't dissolve as well. Add ice. Makes 1 gallon of a wonderful iced drink.
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    Ryan's punch

    1 bottle Absolut Vodka 1 gallon Fruit Juice 1/2 gallon Pineapple Juice Mix all ingredients in punch bowl. Chill before serving.
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    Hawaiin Jungle Juice

    50.0 Banana 1.0 gallon Gin 2.0 gallon Peach Schnapps 20.0 Vodka mangos 30.0 Apples no description given
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    Dianne's Grog

    1.0 Can Beer 1.0 Quart Ginger Ale 0.5 Gallon Red Wine 1.0 Quart Vodka This recipe makes 1 gallon of Grog punch. Pour the half gallon of Red wine into a one gallon punch bowl, pour in one quart of ginger ale, pour in one quart of 100 proof vodka, then add the can of beer...