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    Witch's clit

    3/4 Gal. Lemon Lime Soda 1/4 Gal. Vodka Pour out 1/4 gallon Gatorade, pour in 1/4 gallon vodka. Cap and shake.
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    Texas apple delight

    1 pint Rum 16 oz. Apple Juice 8 oz. Mountain Gatorade Ice Add ingredients with ice and enjoy.
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    Stupid juice

    16 oz. Gatorade 4 oz. Vodka Add Gatorade to Glass. Add Vodka to Gatorade. Stir well.
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    Sonic screwdriver

    1.0 bottle Gatorade 2.0 fingers Vodka Pour 1 finger frozen vodka (or more to taste) into a rocks glass. Fill glass with very cold Gatorade.
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    Simpson solution

    750 ml. Vodka 750 ml. Peach Schnapps 2 Gal. Orange Juice Get a sports container like the All Sport or Gatorade ones at sports events and combine three ingredients together. Put in about 4-5 pounds of cocktail ice and watch it disappear faster than water!
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    1 oz. Everclear 1 oz. Gatorade (lemon-lime) Layer in a shot glass.
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    M.c. Hammer #2

    750 Ml. Water 64 Oz. Gatorade (Lemon Ice) Mix,shake,stir,chug,and enjoy!
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    M.c. Hammer #1

    750 ml. Vodka 64 oz. Gatorade (lemon-lime) Mix, shake, stir, chug, and enjoy!
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    M.c. Hammer

    750 ml. Vodka 64 oz. Gatorade (Lemon Ice) Mix,shake,stir,chug,and enjoy!
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    Green Crap

    4 oz. Gin fill With Gatorade Mix the gin and green Gatorade in a cup and drink.
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    1 1/2 oz. Vodka 1 1/2 oz. Rum 1 1/2 oz. Orange Schnapps 1 1/3 oz. Sweet & Sour Mix 1/2 oz. Orange Juice Garnish with lemon Slice, serve over ice.
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    3 oz. Vodka n/a Ginger Ale 5 oz. Gatorade Mix the vodka and the Gatorade in a Collins glass, then fill with ginger ale. Serve on ice.
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    3 lit Gatorade (green) 3lit Hypnotiq 3lit Hennessy Mix all together and serve with a ladel
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    Crazy Rastafarian

    1.5 oz Sprite 2.5 oz Gatorade 1.5 oz Vodka Let Gatorade get a little warm before adding to iced cold Sprite...should see lots of fizzing...add Vodka immediately after fizzing...and enjoy!
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    Chino Special

    8 oz Sprite 4 oz. Bourbon 2 oz Gatorade 8.0 oz Ice Mix and enjoy...
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    Blue Genie

    5 oz. Vodka 8 oz. Gatorade mix 5 oz. vodka with 8 oz. of blue Gatorade (or to taste)
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    Arctic Breeze

    8 oz Rum 8 oz Gatorade Mix Coconut Rum and Gatorade, preferably (Arctic Snow) and drink.
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    Apollo Xi Martini

    4 oz Vodka 1 splash Vermouth 3 oz. Gatorade 1 tbs. Tang Mix Gatorade, Vodka, Vermouth, and Ice in shaker, strain, serve in chilled martini glass, rim with powdered tang.
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    Uncommon uses for common household items

    I received this in a email, let us know if any of it worked for you.
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    Gatorade 1 pack unsweetened Kool Aid (any flavor) 2 quarts cold water 1/2 cup sugar 1/2 teas. salt 1/2 cup orange juice Mix together. This equals the electrolyte replacement found in many popular drinks on the market. Great for a hot summer!