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    Uptown girl

    n/a Champagne 1.5 oz. Grenadine Drop cherry into glass, pour Maraschino over it and top with chilled Champers. Stir gently
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    Ultimate artic martini

    3 Parts Finlandia Vodka .5 Part Dry Vermouth 1 Piece Lemon Chill thoroughly all the ingredients and utensils. Fill a chilled mixing pitcher with ice cubes. Peel a whole lemon in a continuous spiral and gently place the peel on the ice. Gently add the Finlandia Vodka...
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    Simple charm

    1 1/2 cl Cognac 1 1/2 cl Kahlua 1 1/2 cl Amaretto 1 cl fresh Cream dash Cinnamon Stir liquors and strain in to coctail-glass. Float cream gently on top. Garnish with cinnamon powder.
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    Mexican mouthwash

    3/4 oz. Tequila 3/4 oz. Rumplemintz Pour into shaker chill, and gently swirl together.
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    Kiwi Cooler #2

    1/2 Ice 4 oz. Lemonade 1.5 oz. Kiwi Liqueur Combine with ice and stir gently.
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    Kahlua Smith & Kerns

    1 1/2 oz. Kahlua 4 oz. Cream Splash Club Soda Pour over ice and stir gently
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    High Heels

    4 oz. Champagne 0.68 oz. Kirsch 1/4 oz. Vanilla Ice Cream Make the ice cream float on top by gently putting it on. Not too much!
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    Dr. Daniel

    2 oz. Jack Daniels 5 oz. Dr. Pepper Put ice in glass. Pour in ingredients. Gently swirl to mix. Drink.
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    Coffee 43 #2

    4 cl Licor 43 Fill with Coffee n/a Cream Put liquer and coffee into mug. Pour cream gently over the coffee, don't let them mix.
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    Coffee 43 #1

    4 cl. Licor 43 fill Black Coffee Put liqueur and coffee into mug. Pour cream gently over the coffee, don't let them mix.
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    3/4 cup Sugar 1/2 pint Brandy 1 pint Sherry 2 oz. Angostura Bitters 1 pint Claret Heat gently and pour into a mug or old fashioned glass.
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    Brasilian Sunrise

    3.33 oz. Orange Juice 1/2 Ice 1.33 oz. Cachaca 2/3 oz. Grenadine Stir all ingredients except BOLS Grenadine with ice. Add BOLS Grenadine gently. Stir very gently.
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    Brain Damage #1

    2 parts Jagermeister 1 part Absolut Vodka 1.5 part Gin Pour all the ingredients over an ice-cube and stir gently
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    Black Army

    3 cl. Galliano 3 cl. Jagermeister Pour gently, It's important to get 2 layers. Use a shot glass. You can use 2 cl of each, if 3 is to much for you.
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    Azurro 2

    2/3 oz. Bols Blue 1.33 oz. Goldschlager Fill the flute for two thirds with crushed ice. Add the ingredients and stir gently.
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    Meringue Francaise

    7 whites p. tartar 3 Tbsp sugar - 4 oz sugar 7 oz sugar - powdered =Beat 1., gently fold in 2. Bake in off oven.
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    Vegetable Flan

    5 c milk 25 eggs nutmeg s&p - squash - julienne carrot - julienne lettuce herbs =Layer 2. in half hotel pan, gently pour 1. over, using fingers to assure even layers. Bake in bain marie 350F until set.
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    Skip And Go Naked

    1 fl Gin 2 fl Sweet and sour 1 x Beer 1 servings Fill collins glass with ice. Add ingredients and stir gently.