1. Magick

    What is a good energy boosting food or beverage to keep me feeling awake?

    I frequently have difficulties feeling lethargic, is there food or beverage which will keep me feeling awake. Any ideas?
  2. Just Me

    What are the best cooking methods for reducing oils?

    What are ways to cook good tasting food without the fatty oils?
  3. D

    High fructose corn syrup good or bad for you?

    I heard a lot of horror stories about high fructose corn syrup, just wondering what you guys think is a good for you are bad for you. And what kind of damages and do the body?
  4. B

    Where is a good oceanfront hotel in Florida to vacation?

    In need of a vacation! Warm weather-Can someone suggest a good hotel--Not to expensive.
  5. W

    What are some good jokes for a comedy comic?

    I'm making a comic about a bittorent tracker user having cops on his tail xD. Its supposed to be funny and the part 1 was (I posted it in my tracker forum and everyone liked it) But I have no ideas for part two. Any good jokes or funny situations/events?
  6. N

    Potty Training help!?

    i need help potty training my 2 year old girl does any body have some good websites or video on a website
  7. B

    What kinds of vitamins should I be taking to prevent sickness?

    I'm sick of being sick. Is there any vitamins I could take to prevent sickness? Are there any foods I should be on the look out for? Please help. I need to stop missing work due to being sick.
  8. A

    What are vitamins good for your vision and the bags under your eyes?

    Also, how can I get better vision without taking vitamins and how can I get rid of the black bags without vitamins?Thanks!
  9. L

    What are the necessary vitamins women should take everyday?

    What are the necessary vitamins women in there 20's should take every day besides a Women's multi-vitamin? I take zinc, primrose oil, garlic, fish oil, and vitamin C. What else do you recommend? Sources?
  10. E


    1 Part Vodka 1 Part Gin 1 Part Peppermint 1 Part Blue Curacao 1 Part Mei Kwei Lu Chiew Mix and pour into a glass., Strong and weird but very good.
  11. E

    Teq and tea

    8 oz. Iced Tea 1 oz. Tequila Mix Tequila and Iced Tea over ice. Simple and good.
  12. E

    Sunburn #1

    1 Fifth Grenadine 1 Gal. Orange 2 Bacardi Light Rum 1 Gal. Banana 1 Gal. Strawberries Pour everything in a big punch bowl or cooler with a big block of ice. Throw in some cherries and a half bottle of 151 for good measure. Have a good time!
  13. E


    6 oz. Watermelon Schnapps 12 oz. Squirt Mix together and have a good time.
  14. E

    Rumple shock

    1 oz. Rumplemintz 1 oz. Aftershock First add the Aftershock then poor the Rumplemenze on top and let the good times roll.
  15. E

    Manchester red stripe

    1 oz Jagermeister 1 0z Citrus Vodka 1 0z Goldschlager pour yager first then pour the goldshlager through it slowly. top off with good vodka
  16. E

    Logan & andy 2

    1 Banana 1 Pint Gin Blend and served chilled or on ice. Very good with Beer, preferably Moosehead Beer if it is available.
  17. E

    Logan & andy 2

    1 Banana 1 Pint Gin Blend and served chilled or on ice. Very good with Beer, preferably Moosehead Beer if it is available.
  18. E

    Hot Scott

    15 ml Cinnamon Schnapps 15 ml Kahlua Pour together to ensure a good mix.
  19. E

    Chocolate Jizz

    1/2 oz. White Chocolate liqueur 1/2 oz. Kahlua Mix in a shot glass and down. White chocolate is good for experimenting with at parties.
  20. E

    Bleu Lagoon

    2 oz. Bols Blue 1.75 oz. 7-UP It is the only blue lagoon there is and it taste very good.