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    why are guys so difficult?

    i'm 18, got a 9 month old child. real dad a d**k head, dun a runner wen he found out i was pregnant. So many guys have messed me about, i can't seem 2 trust them now. my ex is just messin wid ma head. i'm so down and depressed. doesnt help when ma kid's teething!!!
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    0.5 shot Tia Maria 0.5 Part Hard Cider 0.5 Part Guinness Stout Pour Tia Maria into pint glass add Guinness then pour cider from as high as possible to receive large head ,try eating head first .
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    Paddy's caffeine

    1 shot Tia Maria 1 pt Guinness Stout Make sure you put in Tia Maria first (Before Guinness has settled and before you "head" it) as otherwise you will mess-up a perfectly well-settled pint
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    Helluva Head

    2 oz. Irish Cream 8 oz. Coca Cola In a beer-Mug (preferably as big as possible), pour 8 Oz. of Coca- Cola Add 2 Oz. Irish Cream, and stir. BE CAREFUL to use a LARGE mug. I named this "Helluva Head" for a reason (it produces ONE HELLUVA head on your mug!!!) ENJOY!
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    3 Wise Men

    1/3 oz. Jack Daniels 1/3 oz. Jim Beam 1/3 oz. Johnny Walker Black Label put them in a glass... and slam it to the head.