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    Real romulan ale

    375 ml. Bacardi 151 375 ml. Everclear 375 ml. Blue Curacao Select a bottle (preferably decorative, but not too ornate) that will hold just over 1 liter of liquid. Combine 375ml of each ingredient in the bottle. Marvel at the entrancing color and exquisite character that is...
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    Navy seal #3

    2 oz Tequila (Cuervo) 2 oz Jagermeister cubes Ice Combine Jägermeister and Cuervo tequila together on the rocks and hold on.
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    Four Horsemen #1

    1 Part Jagermeister 1 Part Jose Cuervo Tequila 1 Part Sambuca 1 Part Rum Mix equal parts into 1 shot glass, close your eyes, hold your nose and get ready for the ride.
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    Fire Breather

    1 oz. Sambuca Pour Sambuca into mouth, hold, and don't swallow. Wipe your lips, then sit down with your head tilted back and allow someone to light it with a match. Hold for a couple seconds then swallow.