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    What is the best household advice/tip you have?

    Mine is to cut onions while wearing sunglasses!! Or use an iron and a wash cloth to get wax out of carpet. (obviously, place the wash cloth over the wax and use a hot iron over the cloth)
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    Waffles - Toastmaster

    1 3/4 c FLOUR 3 ea EGG YOLKS, BEATEN 2 ts BAKING POWDER 3 ea EGG WHITES, BEATEN STIFF 1 tb SUGAR 1 1/2 c MILK 1/2 ts SALT 1/3 c OIL 7 servings Measure Dry Ingredient Into A Mixing Bowl. Combine Egg Yolks And Milk. Stir Into Dry Mix. Stir In Oil. Carefully Fold In Egg Whites. Do Not Over Mix...
  3. Chef

    Butter Krumkakes

    2 eggs 2/3 cup sugar 1/2 cup butter 1 3/4 cups sifted all purpose flour 1 teaspoon vanilla 1. Beat eggs until light. Add sugar slowly, beating until pale yellow. Melt butter and add slowly. Stir in flour and vanilla until well blended. 2. COOKING INSTRUCTIONS: You will need a krumkake iron...