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    St. Squiggle's divorce

    1 glass Coca Cola 2 drops Jolt Cola Just pour the glass 9/10's Coca-Cola, and add 1/10 Jolt Cola, and guzzle.
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    Jumper Cable #2

    2 oz Rum n/a Jolt Cola Pour rum over ice, fill with Jolt, and stir.
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    Jumper Cable

    1.0 can Jolt Cola 5.0 cubes Ice 1.0 shot Rum Pour Rum into glass, add ice, pour Jolt Cola in.
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    Jump Starter

    30 ml. Dark Rum fill Jolt Cola Mix in chilled glass.
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    Assisted Suicide #2

    1/2 oz. Jagermeister 12 oz. Jolt Cola 1 oz. Everclear stir in a tall glass