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    0.25 gr Beer 0.25 gr Vodka Pour half a glass (0.5 liter) of vodka and add quarter liter of beer. Get ready for a very high level of being drunk.
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    Yank me crank me

    12.0 12oz Beer 1.0 litre Vodka 10.0 oz Lemonade 2.0 litre Sprite MIX: Vodka,12 beers (best with ice beer), 2 liter sprite, and Country time lemonade powder (the big jar)
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    Skip and go naked #2

    6.0 Cans Beer 1.0 Can Lemonade 1.0 Can Lime 2.0 cup Orange Juice 1.0 Liter Vodka Mix all (really!) in a BIG container. Add Sprite (1 liter). Enjoy your skipping.
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    Hunch Punch #1

    2.0 liters Sprite 1.0 liter Grain Alcohol 3.0 shots Jack Daniels 1.0 liter Vodka 2.0 gal. Tang This is a EXCELLENT party drink. It is a little costly to make, but once you do you'll be glad that u did. It tastes like heaven, but it gets u drunk as hell. This...
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    Coreys Secret Stuff

    3 oz. Vodka 3 oz. Sloe Gin 1 oz. Dr. Pepper 2 oz. Peach Schnapps Pour it all into a 2 liter bottle.
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    Captain Thunderpants's Special #2

    0.330 Liter Captain Morgan's Spiced Rum 0.330 Liter Captain Morgan's Spiced Rum 0.330 Liter Cola Mix together in a pitcher. Mix one for everyone. Everyone playing puts $10 into a cup. Chug as much as you can as fast as you can. First person to finish theirs is both really sloshed and...
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    Ball Of Fun

    1 liter Bacardi Limon Rum 1 liter Triple Sec 1 liter Absolut Citron 2 liters Fruit Punch 5 lbs Ice Pour all ingredients in bowl and stir.
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    Agua De Valencia

    1/4 liter Champagne Cava 3/4 liter Orange Juice 1 dl Cointreau 50 gr Sugar Put all ingredients in a pitcher. The Cava can be very cold.