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    Yank me crank me

    12.0 12oz Beer 1.0 litre Vodka 10.0 oz Lemonade 2.0 litre Sprite MIX: Vodka,12 beers (best with ice beer), 2 liter sprite, and Country time lemonade powder (the big jar)
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    Green Death #3

    1.0 litre Lager Beer 0.25 litre Blue Curacao 1.0 litre Orange Juice 1.0 litre Cider For full effect pour all ingredients into a mop bucket and stir with a floor mop.
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    1 Ginebra Bilog 1 Pomelo Litre Pack 1/2 Ice no description given
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    Engine Coolant

    0.5 Litre Vodka 0.5 Litre Lime Juice 1 Litre Southern Comfort 0.5 Litre Blue Curacao 0.5 Litre Mountain Dew Mix Blue Maui and Blue 100 then gently pour into a half full 2-litre bottle of Mt. Dew. Cap the bottle, and gently mix. For the weak, use de-carbonated...
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    Bull Frog #2

    2 litre Amaretto 2 Lime 2 Lemon 3 cans Limeade 3 litre Lemon Lime Soda Mix all together in a large container with ICE.....add water if two strong enjoy