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    How did the birth control Lunelle effect your fertility?

    I have been off the birth control shot Lunelle since May 10th because I want to get pregnant. (I had been on it four about 4 years.) However, I still haven't gotten my fertility back yet. I say this because I still haven't gotten a period and I'm not pregnant. I know it's only been 2 months...
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    Picking a file cabinet lock with household items?

    The lock is SL 120 and I was wondering how I could pick it with household items. I've tried JUST a paper clip and I was at it for several minutes with no luck. Any other methods/advice/tips?10 points to the best method for me :D
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    Bongs Anfield Slammer #2

    1 cl Vodka 1 cl Irish Cream 1 cl Coffee 1 cl Milk Just Mix it together, with the most alcoholic drinks in the end.... Good luck!!!!