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    Danish Mary

    1 oz. Aquavit n/a Bloody Mary mix Fill glass with ice. Add aquavit and fill with Bloody Mary mix.
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    Cajun Bloody Mary

    1 oz. Absolut Peppar n/a Bloody Mary mix Add vodka with glass full of ice. Fill with bloody Mary mix. Add a celery stalk or a hot pepper if you dare.
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    Bloody Nose

    2 Ounces Vodka 4 Ounces Bloody Mary mix 1 Raw Oyster Mix like a bloody mary, but float the raw oyster on top (gross). Serve in a Old Fashioned glass
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    1.5 oz. Blavod Vodka 6 oz. Bloody Mary mix Pour Blavod Vodka in hurricane glass with ice. Pour in Bloody Mary mix. Add jalapeno pickle for spicy taste