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    I know someone who is very suicidal and has severe depression, can anyone help?

    Someone I know is very mentally ill. She has no family and no real friends. She isolates herself & rarely leaves her home as she is afraid of almost everything. She is so ill that she can not financially take care of herself. She is in a realy bad way. I am in no position to help her & really...
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    Screeeeming jolene

    0.5 oz Amaretto 0.5 oz Chocolate Syrup 0.5 oz Vanilla Extract 1.0 oz Vodka Good shot! Drink and enjoy! A specialty drink from Minnesota!
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    Minnesota slammer

    2 oz. Sour Mix 2 oz. Peach Schnapps 2 oz. Cherry Brandy n/a Sprite DeKuyper Sour Apple Pucker 2 oz. Schnapps Layer brandy, peach and apple schnapps in a large hurricane glass. Add sour mix and fill the...
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    Minnesota Cabbage Rolls

    1 lb Ground beef 1/4 lb Ground pork 2 ts Salt 1/2 ts Pepper 3/4 c Cooked rice 1 Onion, minced 16 oz Tomato sauce 12 lg Cabbage leaves 1/4 c Brown sugar 1/4 c Lemon juice or vinegar 4 servings Combine meat, salt, pepper, rice, onion and half tomato sauce. Cover cabbage leaves with boiling...