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    The mutt

    10.0 oz. Grapefruit Juice 3.0 oz. Vodka It's actually Mango-Grapefruit mixed with Vodka.
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    Sneaky pete #2

    12 Oz. Beer 3 Oz. Mad Dog Combine in a Large plastic cup. Ice is optional. If mixed correctly tastes like Cold Duck.
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    M. Niznik #1

    4.0 oz Sprite 1.0 oz Amaretto 1.0 oz Bourbon 1.0 oz Cinnamon Schnapps 2.0 cubes Ice Mix ingredients and stir until mixed Enjoy with someone you loved
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    1 shot Aftershock 2 shots Vodka Mix the 2 together in a low tumbler and stir to keep them mixed or they will separate. No ice in the drink, best if served at room temp
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    Highland Morning

    1 oz. Scotch 3 1/4 oz. Cointreau 3 oz. Grapefruit Juice Mixed with cracked and serve.
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    Don's Wicked Cider

    1 oz. Rum 8 oz. Apple Cider Put in tumbler. Quantities of cider can be mixed to taste.
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    Abre Piernas #1

    2.0 lt Sprite 6.0 Beer 1.0 lt Midori Melon Liqueur 1.0 lt Tequila 1.0 lt White Wine Mixed all the ingredients with ice and that's all.